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The Great Stash Purge

Resolutions, resolutions: this year started with a couple, namely, to get back on this blog, and to figure out what the f I have in my stash. It’s one of those embarrassing secrets of mine – too many yarns that I impulse bought over the years, saved for a moment when I’ve got the inspiration to do something with it. (Sound familiar, knitters?) Thing is, it actually has come in handy – usually around Christmas time when i crank out a few scarves, neck warmers and slippers for friends with what I have on hand.

But the other side of it is, like that sweater that’s been hanging in my closet for the last couple of years “just in case,” I’ve got bins full of Funny, Boa and Canadiana that there’s absolutely zero chance of my ever using again. And yes, it’s sickening to think of the cash I wasted, but is guilt really a good reason to hang on to crap? I think not.

So eight bags later, some Sally Ann attendee will soon be the proud owner of some wacky novelty yarns. And I’m free! Free of a stash that was threatening to engulf my wee little one bedroom in Vancouver. And free from the raging granny impression I no-doubt gave potential suitors. Phewf for that.

In television notes, I’m revisiting Angel. Enough said.


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