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Threading the worm

I’m in full in the single-woman-as-sweatshop season (known in some other circles as Christmas), and I’m about 2/3 through an afghan for my parents. It’s one colour, so normally I would do the felting end trick from Stitch ‘N Bitch (basically, rough up the two ends, wet one of them–well, suck on it really–and rub them together on your pant leg. Tada! Ends joined).

But I made a fatal error early on in this pattern, attempting the felting and forgetting I’m using superwash wool and they’re unwinding. Then I remembered this trick I learned a few years ago. I’m told it’s the same way you would thread a worm on a fish hook, though I’ve never had the pleasure of doing so.

Thread the needle with one end of the yarn, then wind it up and down through the new ball of yarn, like in the picture above. Next, pull the yarn through the woven part, so it looks like so:

Finally, pull the thread off the need, and you’ve got two yarns as one! Trim up any lose ends. I usually do so once it’s knitted into the garment – just trim off anything that’s sticking out.

And in television news – Friday Night Lights is back! While I’ll always remain loyally dedicated to Matty Saracen, I have to say Coach Taylor, my you’re lookin’ fine. ‘specially when you go all bad ass on them tough-as-nails eastsiders. Hoo-eee that’s some fine watchin’.


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  1. I foresee spending much less time weaving in ends with this technique. Thanks for posting Anicka!

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